At D.R Bell Apostolic Bible College our mission is to provide spiritual enrichment to build the Kingdom of God. We endeavor to equip students with continuing education to improve their knowledge of God and the Bible.
D.R Bell Apostolic Bible College seeks to emulate the spirit of excellence. To encourage close spiritual relationship among its students through scholarly biblical study. To provide counsel and assistance in the establishment, development, and retention of quality instruction. To ensure that the students are served by well-prepared staff and office personnel. Our motto is "Educating Today's Christian Leaders".
To obtain a degree we encourage you to meet with our Dean of Students, to help you identify your academic goals and to map out an effective plan that will enable you to reach them. College level credits and life/ministry experience can be applied to a degree with Bell Bible College. So, whether you are seeking a degree, working on a certification, or you just want to know more about Biblical teaching, Bell Bible colleges for you.
The D.R Bell Apostolic Bible College is aware of our nation's current economic status and we also understand the importance of continuing education, which is why we work to keep the cost of education affordable. What a student pays to earn a degree from Bell Bible College is a fraction of the cost of other Bible institutions. In addition, we have a flexible payment plan. There is no minimum amount of credit hours a student must take to be in good standing. Therefore, a student can take as many classes as they can afford. Bell Bible College will provide a cost-effective education by maximizing the use of contemporary education technologies and a diverse and interactive staff and facilities.


Our Belief

We believe in one God and Creator of all things. The fullness of the Godhead dwells in the Lord Jesus Christ the only begotten Son of the Father. (Ephesians 4:6, I Colossians 2:8-10, St. John 1:14) We believe in all the teachings of the Apostles and that the Church is built on the foundation of the Apostles, Prophets with Jesus Christ the Chief Corner Stone. (Ephesians 2:20) We believe in the plenary verbal inspiration on the bible.


BABC is accredited by the National Bible Association, therefore a fully recognized and accredited educational institution.


With our continuing efforts of networking with other accredited colleges to expand our academic programs and degrees, we can prepare student of all ages to face the worlds’ challenges and opportunities with a high value on being Christ-centered, academically excellent and globally connected.

Undergraduate programs

D.R Bell Apostolic Bible College undergraduate programs provide the student with a greater understanding of the Bible for practical application in the community and religious venues. Studies are intended to develop the student’s critical thinking of the various religious ideologies in our cultural and historical context and provide a deeper understanding of their different spiritual philosophies.

Online Courses

D.R Bell Apostolic Bible College offers an online learning experience that's both customized and flexible, so you can study on your schedule. Let your computer become the window to your spiritual growth and enable you to achieve your ministry degree in the comfort of your own home. All programs offered on campus are also offered online.

Graduate programs

D.R Bell Apostolic Bible College Graduate programs offer theological education on Scripture, engagement with the Christian tradition, and attention to and reflection on contemporary contexts to provide formation for leaders of faithful Christian ministries. The program offers students the opportunity to expand their capacity for ministry, gain greater alignment with their own giftedness and God’s call on their lives, and experience greater passion for God and the ministry.

Affiliations / Accreditations